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My first cartoon uploaded on this site I guess

2015-03-20 10:56:58 by SleepDeprivedChicken

4852036_142686363062_ScreenShot2015-03-20at10.58.59AM.pngAfter 2 years of lurking around in newgrounds I finally uploaded my first cartoon here. Here's the toon: This was made for a contest about reading a while back and I had a deadline so I had to underwhelmingly use limited animation for this. Can't say I'm too proud of my "first cartoon" but hey, at least I finally uploaded something. I would have added more animation, worked back into the backgrounds, and added lipsyncing for this toon but I honestly didn't want to work on this anymore (considering that I already uploaded it for the contest). This is the "unfunny internet version" because the version that I uploaded for the contest 2 weeks ago was plain boring so retooled that version into the cartoon that you can see online today. I'm currently working on more toons (which will be better than this one haha). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it! (or not, I really don't care).


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2015-06-19 01:21:08

Really holds out there man. Clean and neat work. Good cartoony moments.. and overall fun!

SleepDeprivedChicken responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment!


2015-06-19 14:28:12

Hey, I can't leave a review on your animation for some reason, but i wanted to let you know that I thought it was great!

SleepDeprivedChicken responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I found out that leaving reviews on Newgrounds confusing because there's usually a "Write a Review" button on the upper right of the reviews section of a cartoon and sometimes there's no button at all. It's like a ghost.