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I'm really impressed how fast you animate, "Joy" was around 7 minutes and you finished "Bliss" (which is 10 minutes) 6 months later! (pretty sure you planned all of this out in advance but I hope you get what I mean, I can't even finish a 1 minute animation in six months!). Keep it up man, I can't wait for "Happiness"!

Nice cartoon, dude! btw, nice to see you back on Newgrounds. Your animation is getting better! Can't wait for any future animations that you'll make!

This was an awesome cartoon dude. You have a really good sense of storytelling and pacing. I really enjoy how atmospheric your backgrounds are (especially the lighting in the environments) and how clean your animation is. Your stuff really inspires me and I can't wait for more future cartoons from you!

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Really cute drawing! I feel as if her gauntlet on her left arm should be a little bit longer but other than that I really love this piece

To be honest, this is one of my favorite pieces of art from you. I'm very fond of your stylized art style which is very reminiscent to the 90's Hanna-Barbera cartoons and other stylized cartoons in the early 2000's (which is probably why everyone thinks this was a TV show/why you should make this into a series). The composition is really great, it makes me want to keep looking around in the image, like it doesn't make me stop looking when I reach one part of the image, it makes me keep looking in a circle if you get what I mean. It would've been awesome if you added the rest of your characters in the picture as well (even if it means putting them in the very far back of the hallway which wouldn't be bad because then it would a Where's Waldo-esque image where I would guess the characters in the far background). I'm really looking forward when this concept becomes an animated series! :)


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